Johnny Depp: Anatomy Of a Fallen Movie Star

  • Talks about how everyone knew that Depp would be a huge movie star from the very beginning even though he only did well in the box-office for the first time in 2003 with Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • After that, he probably became the "coolest" movie star, despite the fedoras and everything.

  • Also had success in his Tim Burton + Disney collaborations: the Alice in Wonderland life action movie and the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory remake.

  • But the recent Alice movie's failure combined with his abudant flops and the domestic violence accusations from Amber Heard may be indicators that he is done.

  • Social media nowadays can make or break an actor.

  • Says that he could rebound with the public eventually like Marlon Brando did.

  • Most of the Tweet's replies are people defending Depp.

  • Most of the comments at the source are trashing his tired antics as an actor and celebrity, but no one mentions the domestic violence accusations.


Do you think Johnny Depp is done, ONTD? TYFYA!