Amber Heard Breaks Down Outside Court + More Shocking Details Surface

  • Amber was photographed leaving the courthouse after being granted a Temporary Restraining order in Tears.

  • Trigger Warning: There are a couple of photos at the source of her leaving the court with a bruised up face.


  • Amber testified in court that Johnny Depp has been long suffering drug and alcohol abuse for the bulk of their marriage.

  • There are more photos from the two below incidents.

  • Amber spoke of two very specific incidents of abuse.

  • The first incident was on the night of her birthday last month. Johnny came home drunk and high. After the guests left, he threw a Magnum sized bottle of champagne at the wall, grabbed her by her shoulders and forced into bed and then grabbed her by her hair and shoved her to the ground.

  • The second incident, aka where the pictures are from, was a month later. She had not seen Johnny for weeks at a time. He showed up to their home drunk and high again. She tried to console him about the loss of his mother but he became irate about something and wound his arm up like a pitcher and threw the iPhone with such strength at Amber's face. She says after this, he grabbed another large bottle of wine, drank half of it then went around the house breaking things.


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