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James Blake on Frank Ocean’s New Music: “It’s Better…He’s Had Time To Mature"

On Frank's new music:
“It's better. You grow, you improve, you nail a new message to the board. He's had time to mature. It's really cool to watch. He is going to make people very happy”.

Frank's influence on 'The Colour in Anything':
“His music was a huge influence on the way I was writing the record, the way I was writing melodies. I was more of a fan of him when I heard his newer music”.

Frank is credited on James' “My Willing Heart”:

On crafting the song/Frank's advice to use pitch-shifted vocals:
“I remember feeling kind of justified by someone of that caliber of songwriting saying, ‘Well, actually, I think you should do this because it works’”. On the lyric, “You’re still on my screen / There’s a glare from the sun and it’s heavenly”, Blake says: “People have commented on it as a kind of millennial lyric. That sums up Frank’s ability to be in the now. I worry about the future too much to be able to comment on the moment so well. I’d say he’s one of the best lyricists around”.

They also collaborated together on “Always”:

“Always” samples an unreleased Frank track titled “Godspeed”. Unsure if it will appear on the follow up to Channel Orange, Blake says: “It’s an interpolation of a song that he wrote that hasn’t come out yet. It was nice of him to let me use it. We did work on other music together, but I can’t share any details because I don’t know any. Nobody knows. You could probably talk to almost anybody involved in that record and I’m not sure anybody would be able to tell you what’s happening”.

I’ve accepted that Frank’s album will drop whenever it drops but I have a feeling we might finally get it in July. Anyway, what’s your favourite track on The Colour in Anything? James is amazing.

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