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Little Mix concert review: Missing the X-factor in Australia; Perform in a half empty venue

- The girls of Little Mix had a concert at Olympic Park, in Australia, and there were nowhere near as many speakers as usual and curtains hid the back half of the room.

-They and their team obviously overestimated their popularity in Australia. The performed in a room they cannot half-fill, they did their best with a production evidently downsized.

- Little Mix perform to a backing track and, in lieu of a live band, they have four acrobatic, muscular male dancers, one for each of "the pneumatic supervixens to thrust against."

-Little Mix's creditable success sustaining a career three albums beyond winning The X Factor, not enough Aussies know them well enough to love them and, by proxy, their tunes.

- In a set in which they perform every original single they have released, there still isn't much resembling the kind of bona fide pop classic you'd put on your favourite playlist.

-  The writer final note: "A show for the fans? Sure. But there's a good reason there weren't that many of them present on this night."

- Final note for the show: 2.5/5

Read the rest of the review at the source

Post dedicated to all the salty Little Blender stans in the 5H posts. Here, you can freely complain how your faves deserve Fifth Harmony success (even tho it will never happen) and are being humiliated by a group of teenagers. This one is for you!
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