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Cannes: Jury Press Conference, Todd McCarthy Hated This Year, And Jess Chastain Defends Xavier Dolan

  • Lots and lots of mansplaining.

  • László Nemes seems to have liked Xavier Dolan's movie. Thought it was "ambitious" and it did resonate with him that Xavier was at the last year's jury that gave Nemes the Grand Prix for "Son Of Saul" though he claims that it had nothing to do with Dolan's movie getting the same award this year??? idk.

  • The words "difficult" and "passionate" are thrown in a lot to explain how the decision making was.

  • Donald Sutherland says that everyone was heard: "We listened to George, and we listened to László... everybody".

  • OP thinks the old white men were the only ones making the decisions because of George Miller trying to justify their choices without anyone's help but Donald's, etc.

  • They all seemed to agree about the Best Actress award tho.

  • Kiki Dunst seemed over it:

  • Thought only 3 movies out of the 15 he had seen were worth the trip.

  • 'Graduation' from Romania, 'Loving' from the USA, and 'Toni Erdmann' from Germany were these 3 movies.

  • Thought 'American Honey' was a chaotic, repelling mess with Shia Labeouf playing another Shia Labeof-like character.

  • Defines Steven Spielberg's 'The BFG' as "E.T. but without any of the magic."


Tags: canadian celebrities, european celebrities, film - festival, film director, french celebrities, jessica chastain, kirsten dunst, mads mikkelsen
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