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ONTD original: Best moments from the 2016 Cannes Film Festival

Fuck you, Liv!

A press screening for The Neon Demon was met with intense boos from critics whose anger was so great that when the dedication To Liv appeared (Liv Corfixen, actress and director is Neon Demon director's wife) someone apparently screamed Fuck you, Liv and the rest of the press joined in on booing her too.

Susan Sarandon states the obvious and says Woody Allen sexually assaulted a child

It's sad that this was even a "moment" but given that Woody Allen had the opening film of the festival, has a long relationship with Cannes that includes getting an Honorary Palme d'Or for his body of work, was able to exerct enough influence to get reporters banned from his luncheon for daring to work for a magazine that brought up his history of sexual assault, and is still being defended by his actors (Blake Lively said he "Empowered women")  it was great to see a celebrity openly condemn him.

Julia Roberts goes barefoot on the Red Carpet

The gala screenings at the Cannes film festival has always had a black tie dress code which means suits for the men and gowns for the ladies. Of course female critics and producers have a little more slack on this front, that is until women at the 2015 Cannes film festival were turned away from screenings for wearing flats.

There was a pretty big brouhaha about it causing festival president Thierry Frémaux to state there is no official shoe policy for women and blaming the snafu on some over zealous secuirty guards.

So it was a pretty big moment when this year Julia Roberts showed up to the premier of Money Monster dressed to the nines and shoeless. Was she doing it as a "Fuck you" to Cannes? Or was she doing it because she's fucking Julia Roberts?

Sean Penn's movie tanks so badly with critics it breaks records

Put a bunch of dehydrated, exhausted journalists watching 4 to 5 movies a day and working on tight deadlines and little sleep together and you'll begin to understand why when critics hate a movie at Cannes they really hate it. Early word for Penn's latest film The Last Face was negative and there was plenty of booing to be had. Even so it wasn't till the first critical reviews came in that the movie went from just bad to record-breaking bad.

Screen Daily critics gave it their lowest ever score:

They weren't the only ones either. In poll after poll Penn's epic flop The Last Face showed up dead last.

Xavier Dolan hits out at critics for liking Creed more than his movie

Canadian wunderkind Dolan has had a pretty amazing career. Every single movie he's directed has premiered at a major festival and he's pretty much considered a Cannes darling at this point. Expectations were high with his latest film that starred top-tier French actors like Marion Cotillard, Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel. But when the movie premiered and didn't deliver the critics lashed out and it wasn't long before Dolan hit back, randomly calling out Creed in the process.

Later Dolan went to the LA times where the reporter had to pat him on the back (literally) and tell him things were going to be okay.

Dolan got the last laugh though. After suggesting he might take a sabbatical from directing he ended up winning the Grand Prix AKA the second biggest prize of the festival.

Kristen Stewart shows up on the red carpet with her new (old) girlfriend

Stewart spent the weeks leading up to the Cannes Film Festival sucking face (and fingers) with French singer/actress Soko. So it was a big shock when she abruptly dumped Soko right before the festival and hooked up with former gal pal Alicia Cargile. She even brought Cargile to the premiere of American Honey where they walked the red carpet together. Soko was also at the festival where two of her movies premiered and had to walk the red carpet solo. Unfortunately for us there were no awkward run-ins between the exes, at least not in public.

Nicolas Winding Refn reveals that Lars von Trier tried to have sex with his wife, implies she's a slut

Poor Liv! At a press conference for The Neon Demon when a journalist asked if there was any sense of fraternalism between Refn and his countryman and fellow Cannes regular director Lars von Tier, Refn offered a weird annecdote about the last time he had seen Trier he was trying to fuck his wife. According to Refn after Liv told him to "Fuck off" he found "some other slut". English isn't Refn's first language so maybe he missed the fact that his word choice inadvertantly called his wife a slut too.

Watch things get awkward here:

Golshifteh Farahani gets stranded at the top of the stairs

Between the heels and the gowns women often need a hand or two to get up and down the stairs leading to the festival auditorium. But after a screening of festival breakout Paterson Iranian-French actress Golshifteh Farahani got stranded at the top of the stairs when her co-star Adam Driver and director Jim Jarmusch forgot about her and sauntered away. After making it down one step Farahani gave up and called out "Someone needs to take me!" Both men quickly returned to help her.

Donald Sutherland dons a hijab

Okay not really. But at the Jury press conference when the jurors were asked WTF they were thinking after they awarded some of the most hated movies of the fest actor Donald Sutherland inexplicably whipped out a pashmina and draped it over his head. It's impossible not to notice the similarities with fellow juror Katayoon Shahabi who actually was trying to veil her hair.

Kukeri Creature

Ah, simpler times. After the press screening of Toni Erdmann was met with raves that hinted that we might finally get our first female director Palme d'or winner in 23 years (spoiler: we didn't) people were charmed when a Kukeri walked the red carpet. According to wiki kukeri's are a Bulgerian tradition but one also features prominently in the movie. Both director Maren Ade and star Sandra Hüller cozied up to creature which later stole the show as it strutted it's stuff on the red carpet. Hats off to the person inside navigating the cumbersome costume!

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Fave moments of the festival, ONTD?
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