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Britney's Billboard setlist leaked? + Spears' Mobile game is a Hit + more

Britney's alleged Billboard setlist has leaked

The list was leaked by somebody who works at the venue where the Billboard Awards will be held.

Some fans are upset that a lot of her actual greatest hits will not be performed and instead replaced with deep album cuts used in her Vegas residency.

Vanity Fair: 103 of Female Pop Stars

They document it by each decade. Britney is the 90s. check out which other stars were included.

Britney's App is a hit

iDigital Times reviews Britney Spears: American Dream

- Reviewer: the graphics and music included are superior to 'Kim Kardashian Hollywood and Katy Perry Pop'

- Notes smooth movement & lack of glitches

- Britney did voice overs for game & hits like Toxic, Womanizer, etc are included

- Likes the customization of singles that allows players to get creative

- Says the game adds a needed complexity of the player needing to maintain strong relationships (contacts) to advance in the game which was lacking in Kendal & Kylie's game.

NYPost: Britney helps raise Glu's stock

- Britney's app is climbing up the app store & is currently no. 3 in Games

- Katy Perry's game failed to crack the top 100 in the app store

- Glu got a much needed boost & their stock rose 6 percent after the release of Britney's game this week

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