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The Travis Aaron Wade saga continues, now with alleged inappropriate behavior to minors and C&Ds.

For those of you, which lets be real is probably most of you, that are going "Who?" this post is a follow up to one made about a month ago regarding inappropriate behavior made by an actor who is best known for Cole on Supernatural... a four episode run in the series tenth season.

Since the initial post was made more allegations have come to light including inappropriate behavior with minor and him tracking down the personal information of several fans to send them C&Ds for speaking out about their personal experiences with him on social media.

As there are multiple accusations from several different people the story is a little long and hard to follow and is laid out on Storify for easy reading. However here are some additional highlights since the last post as this situation continues to snowball.

We'll start off with the Emily incident since the first part was mentioned in the previous post. Quick recap, Emily is behind the SPN Anti Bullying twitter. They help shut down accounts that are spewing real nasty targeted hate, including death threats, at people. Travis allegedly contacted them wanting help removing accounts for people that basically just didn't like him. These tweets did not @ him nor were they threatening. They simply weren't fans of him or his character. Some back and forth supposedly went on in DMs, sometimes signing as Travis and sometimes signing as his "social media manager", since you know he's in high demand and needs help handling all this... and then Travis tried to find her home address.

That's right, he allegedly tried to track down where Emily lives. He wasn't successful. The address he found was in the city where Emily lived and the home had previously belonged to someone that had the last name as her. As they no longer lived there it was returned to sender. Emily then said the following PM was then sent from Travis' account to the Anti Bullying twitter showing the contents of the envelope being ripped up.

The envelope clearly has a sticker from the post office on it showing that it was undeliverable so the fact that the contents inside are ripped up make no sense and it would have had to have been sent that way or done after the fact since the post office was not able to deliver this piece of mail.

Here's some more details for you ONTD detectives.

Emily also posted the following video of her DMs with Travis when his fans started screaming photoshop.

As mentioned in the precvious post, a 16-year-old fan (Lexi) says he "slipped his hand under the back of my shirt to rub my lower back" during photo ops, and that he later called her and "tried finding out things about me I wasn't comfortable talking about," and took a screenshot of a photo she posted on Snapchat and sent it back with her cleavage circled and the message "nice pic!" When she ceased communicating with him, he continued to send her inappropriate messages

Lexi eventually ended up recording some of her exchanges with Wade on Snapchat.

At a European convention last week, Wade asked a fan to join him on stage to show that Lexi's claims were allegedly not possible. He allegedly also name checked the teenager who was not there to defend herself.

Lexi is not the only young fan to have made accusations against the 40 year old actor.

Also at a recent con during a panel he claimed that he had been short listed for the role of Captain America. This one isn't creepy but just an odd claim to be making. A glance at his IMDb page alone will make you cock an eyebrow at this. Never mind the fact that he's both older and much shorter (allegedly 5'9") than anyone else that they were circling, but Supernatural star Jensen Ackles was in the running for the role, something that is well known throughout fandom.

Yesterday several fans that have spoken out about their uncomfortable encounters with Travis, and the creator of the Storify documenting the allegations, received cease and desist letters from the actor. None of these individuals had ever shared their contact information.

His stans have remained classy -

They responded to fans creating a petition to keep him away from cons by creating their own to make sure "fake fans" got banned.

The rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper with more claims of inappropriate behavior, detective work going into his Social Media Management company allegedly not even being real, not shady but somewhat weird behavior like asking a crowd full of people if any of them were disabled so he could give them a present, and more.

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