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Arrow: Ratings Hit Series Low (Again) & Forbes Calls It A 'Hot Mess'

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Ratings have (for the second time in recent memory) hit a SERIES low with a Live + Same Day rating of 0.70 in Adults 18-49 (share of 2), and 1.94 million viewers - marking this as the first time in the show's four seasons that Arrow has fallen below 2 million viewers.

Furthermore, Forbes contributor Erik Kain has branded the show a "hot mess", and asked that soul-searching question that keeps us all awake at night - can anything save it now?

Forbes' Erik Kain has a lot of salient points to make, such as how after the team let that nuke touch down on US soil last week (and tens of thousands of people were killed), "our heroes crack jokes and deal with daddy issues".

It is truthfully acknowledged that this episode is not, in fact, the worst ever... there have been much worse ones without any doubt, but it is believed that the show simply can't 'muster any heart' any more.

"Felicity is a bit teary about the most devastating attack on American soil in the history of everything, but by and large people are all fine."

There is cognitive dissonance between the stark devastation of the plot/realities portrayed in the show, and the 'implausible' behaviour of the characters

Bad writing?
Actors phoning it in?
Sloppy editing?
Everyone just given up?
All of the above?

Erik Kain for Forbes believes that the show still has some measure of potential, but that wiping the slate clean may be the only way to cure what clearly ails it. "I'm not sure it can be saved, but I hope it is."

This has been Your Good & Noble OP, reporting.

Sources: Forbes, TV By The Numbers and Promo Pic.

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