Trump's (third) Skank gets in on the Rosie action

Up Next: The Trump Family pet mouse, Nibbles, attacks Rosie over her cheese consumption.

Melania Trump knows how to stand by her man, although she might not know quite how to say it.

The Donald's trophy wife, who somehow gets hotter by the minute, pumped for her hubby today on "Good Day L.A.," saying that Rosie has "anger inside and she needs to work on that in herself."

She warned Rosie: "She should read his book. In every book he say, if somebody attack you, you attack them ten times harder ... if you watch 'The View' you can see how hatred she has toward my husband." You don't say.

With both Ivanka and Melania in his corner, The Donald has the hottest fighters that genetics and money can buy.

First off: Please learn proper English, bitch.

Second: Perhaps YOU need to read his book and also while you're at it, take a look at how he treated his two former wives and kids. I personally wouldn't look twice at a hobbit with a bad comb-over. Even a rich one. But after hearing said hobbit with bad comb-over say "If somebody attacks you, you attack them ten times harder", I think I'd be gold digging in another part of town. But that's just me and my high standards.

Source: TMZ