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The Flash Roundup - Cast on Social Media & FINALE Promo Pics & Ratings & Poll

Guess Hew...
Poll #2045021 GUESS WHO: The Man In The Iron Mask!

Who is The MITM?

Henry Allen
Jay Garrick (Golden Age)
Eddie Thawne (E1)
Ronnie Raymond (E1)
Barry Allen (Future)
Leonardo DiCaprio (E2)

Or is It someone else?

The Flash 2x23 *FINALE* The Race of His life: Promo Pics
Are you ready for the Season Finale, everyone?!
Now that CC Jitters isn't Police HQ anymore, are you emotionally prepared for the team to go get coffee after a certain someone's funeral?

 photo FLA223a_0128b_zpsvs6icwnl.jpg

 photo FLA223a_0134b_zps21bgc0po.jpg

 photo FLA223b_0030b_zpsfrqf9zby.jpg

 photo FLA223b_0056b_zpsb2achcjp.jpg

 photo FLA223b_0061b_zpsyvftssev.jpg

 photo FLA223b_0069b_zpslexbxuv1.jpg

 photo FLA223b_0092b_zpso215y7gz.jpg

 photo FLA223b_0102b_zpstwsn3sws.jpg

 photo 2X23 forontd_zpshuoqsndx.jpg

Cast at Mountain View Cemetery - Finale Set Pics
YVR Shoots has released set pics from finale filming in Vancouver's Mountain View Cemetery, spoilers for the last few minutes of 2x22 'Invincible'.
In these images can be seen Caitlin, Cisco, Wally, Iris, and Joe all dressed up for mourning - during this scene the rain tower can also be seen in use, as per a previously released image discussed on ONTD forever ago.

 photo flash-funeral12-1_zps7amtakw9.jpg
 photo flash-funeral-2_zps9xa06sne.jpg

Live + Same Day Ratings for 2x22 'Invincible'.
Pleased to report in that ratings this week have held a steady key demographic 18-49 rating of 1.3, with 3.35 million same day viewers.

This episode was up against the ratings giant NCIS season finale, and last ever episode for Michael Weatherly.
The episode beat both FOX and ABC in the same timeslot for key demo (18-49) figures.

This Week On:'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff & Things On Social Media'...
This was a busy week for the ~attractive yet non-threatening racially diverse cast~ of our fave CW show!
Tom, Danielle, and a whole bunch of others from Arrow and LOT went to City of Heroes 2 Con (read my full and excessively detailed report right here...) here in the UK, and there was the usual post-episode social media response from the main cast.
This week including some old faces who moved to LOT, and special special guest star Katie Cassidy!

I asked him not to forget to post it up, and he was true to his promises & good & noble word!

cavanaghtom Pulse gun; wise. No mouth; wiser.

flashbehindtheseams Preach it, Zoom.
2x21 Run Away Dinosaur

teddysears Penultimate episode. Pinkies up.

candicekp Really feel like he gets a bad rap. He's really quite a lovely gentleman. #TheFlash #Zoom #fbf

candicekp Flash is all NEW tonight and look and these tall handsome men I ran into at ADR today!

teddysears ZOOM smash! Ran into @tonytoddofficial yesterday. Kind, humble, gracious. Sweet like candy, man.

flashbehindtheseams Our @nbboy and @zigzagzorg of our friends in Props dec out the one, the only @jaymewes for his cameo in the crowd of Metas!
2x21 Run Away Dinosaur directed by @thatkevinsmith

violettbeane Workin hard or ..? FLASHback to last week's episode of @cwtheflash where all I did was sleep! Those were the days. What will Jesse be doing on tonight's new episode of The Flash? ⚡️

dpanabaker @benmfeldman & I crashed @cavanaghtom 's interview on the wrap up show for @sternshow. Tswizzle has a squad & so does TCav.

cavanaghtom The posse takes on @sternshow
@dpanabaker @benmfeldman

seanpertwee HUGE squad goal #coh2 Too many to mention ......

keiynanlonsdale Thanks for the hang Birmingham 💙 Sneaky 📷: @sullybiznatch #COH2

keiynanlonsdale Met the Queen, she said she'd call me but.. 🙄

officialfranzd #COH2 Q&A session

katiecassidy Jewels I LIVE for!!! @tadaandtoy big my @lilfortescue for teaching me everything I know #hoolaaaaaa

katiecassidy somewhere in a tucked away castle

katiecassidy #naimastay #london

italiaricci I've lost him.

italiaricci That. Is. Enough. #angrywives #clashofclans 🔫

ciararenee8 Rooftop noms. #Laduree #London #England #Bearded #Hawkman #Hawkgirl #Reunited #DoubleExposure #CityOfHeroes2

ciararenee8 #RunningManChallenge #LegendsOfTomorrow #CityOfHeroes2 #Slay #DanceOff #Leggo #DubSmash @falkhentschel @keiynanlonsdale @paulcless @officialfranzd @seanpertwee

candicekp 💋

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Dear ONTD Flash Fam,
More important than the Season Finale next week, you are cordially invited to the FLASH FAM FINALE LIVE DISCUSSION POST (Mods willing), hosted by my good & noble self, with the permission of our beloved sis rawr_santi.
Please come dressed in your finest and ready to party STAR Labs style! ❤
Please also bring snacks, ty.
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