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Faking It Showrunner Writes Stupid Comments About Planned Ending

Last night MTV's Faking It aired its final episode, just a week after it was cancelled. Spoilers below.

[Spoiler (click to open)]The show ends with Amy getting back together with Sabrina, who said that even though she was faking it at first, she liked Amy all along, maybe since they were at camp together when they were 12. Shane and Noah also get back together after Shane stands up for Noah to his transphobic brother who inexplicably came to Hester High School's New Year's Eve party, which inexplicably happened despite it being winter break. Also, Karma kissed Felix, and Liam and Lauren, who were also in a fake relationship, started to like each other.

On the heels of the finale, showrunner Carter Covington released a statement about his original intentions for the show.

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So, that's cool I guess if you hate lesbians and don't want them to be happy.


Did you watch the finale? Are you as angry as I am that Sabrina got Karma's storyline despite being on the show only 5 episodes?
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