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Oscar Isaac for Rolling Stone: Internet's Boyfriend Becomes Leading Man

Summary For Your Ease & Time Management Pleasure.

-Doesn't like being called a ‘movie star’, thinks of himself as just an actor.
-Indifferent to celebrity culture, very private, just likes being able to have his pick of roles now.
-Bemused by internet fandom and being ~The Internet’s Boyfriend~: "The Internet never struck me as being into monogamous relationships [...] It's very promiscuous, the Internet."

-Regarding THAT old Ayn Rand shirt: "I liked the design. I didn't think wearing the shirt was saying I agreed with all her politics. I'm not a libertarian!"
-Wrote new music during the X-Men Apocalypse shoot, a song called ‘Devotion; Rolling Stone calls it ‘very clearly a love song’ and lists some of the lyrics, including "Anything worth doing is worth doing in bed".
-Talks his Apocalypse costume and makeup and what drew him to the role.
-Discusses his Guatemalan roots, and his experiences of being a Latino actor; talks about Latino culture, and drags Trump again.
-Talks about his childhood, schooling, rebellious phase and evangelical Christian parents and how he systematically questioned then abandoned the faith.
-Didn’t drink or do drugs until his mid-20s when a friend at Juilliard was murdered.
-Felt the urge to act in large part due to "a lot of existential despair."

-All of Poe’s funny lines in TFA were added in reshoots, and Oscar improvised some of them; pushing to complicate and deepen Poe.
-Says Poe is no longer marked for death – bigger role in VIII:
"In the new film, there's a lot more to do [...] What happens now is the heroes get tested. All three of themget tested immensely [...] BB-8's doing all right. BB-8 gets tested too! Everybody gets tested! It's the dark second chapter, but not really dark."

-How long will Oscar be doing SW for? "I'm basically Star War-ring until 2020."

Rolling Stone.

Are you part of the New Star Wars Trio, ONTD?
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