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Gaming company under fire for sexualizing 15 year old biracial K-pop Star

(Somi is on the left, 19 year old bandmate Sejeong is on the right)
15 year old Jeon Somi is the most popular member of new girl group IOI . She was the #1 overall winner of the show "Produce 101"
Somi, who turned 15 in March, has been the target of gross sexualization by her largely old Korean man fanbase and one gaming company tried to take advantage of that
IOI was picked to promote this new video game and Somi shot advertisements for the game where she was dressed v inappropriately(the pic shown above)
She was also made into a character for the video game and she was given overexaggerrated body parts (ie. huge breasts)
Somi is also half white, leading many to speculate that Korean companies are more okay with sexualizing her and not her bandmates since she looks more "mature" and "exotic" and less Korean

somi during the photoshoot


ONTD, do you think Somi is being sexualized in advertisements like this because she's biracial?
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