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Arrow/Flash/LOT cast members attend City of Heroes 2 Convention - Spoilers & Report!

This weekend, various cast members of the DC TV shows (PLUS Jason Momoa of SGA/GOT fame and upcoming Aquaman) attended the City of Heroes 2 convention in Birmingham, UK.

In attendance:
The Flash: Tom Cavanagh, Danielle Panabaker, Keiynan Lonsdale, Robbie Amell, Peyton List
Arrow: Katie Cassidy, Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, John Barrowman, Colton Haynes, Willa Holland, Michael Rowe, Amy Gumenick, Charlotte Ross
Legends of Tomorrow: Brandon Routh, Franz Drameh, Ciara Renee, Falk Hentschel,
Gotham: David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, Cory Michael Smith
Supergirl: Italia Ricci
DCU: Jason Momoa

As the weekend was jam-packed and the schedule was CHAOS, I barely saw any talks (half of Jason, half of Brandon, TomCav x2, and all of Barrowman) due to scheduling clashes, but I did go to various coffee lounges with the guests, the Meet and Greet, auto tables, and some photos.

SO. My promised report for my ONTD Flash Fam and any Arrow or Legends fans! My entire report is about 15 pages long, so this is SUMMARISED for your easy reading, full expanded report in sections in comments if you want any extra content!

Content: Friday Meet & Greet // Saturday TomCav and Brandon Routh Panels, TomCav Photo, TomCav Lounge, Keiynan and Franz Lounge, Barrowman Lounge, Danielle Lounge // Sunday Katie Cassidy Lounge, Jason Momoa Panel, TomCav Photo, TomCav Panel, TomCav and Katie Cassidy Autos, Autos from most other guests, Barrowman Panel.

{Friday Meet & Greet Highlights}
-At tables of four as the guests all rotate around for 4 minutes each to talk to you. No photos allowed.
-Robbie Amell: SHOCKINGLY handsome and I never knew before now, and VERY funny!
-Danielle Panabaker: her voice is completely different irl, so strange, but funny, and talkative, not afraid to joke about with you.
-Cory Michael Smith: extremely cleancut irl, very very into art galleries, currently staying with Sean Pertwee and his family in London.
-Ciara Renee: incredibly high, clipped and nasally voice! Seemed shy or nervous maybe, but not particularly charismatic. STUNNINGLY beautiful in the flesh though.
-Falk Hentschel: shocked, SHOCKED. Incredibly personable and kind! Very very charismatic and funny! He was lovely to me, and now I stan.
-Charlotte Ross: obsessed with EBR and talks about nothing else, she came into the rotation in the wrong place so TomCav got moved passed us. UGH. Vapid. All “Mama Smoak this” and “Mama Smoak that”. But more about her further down.
-Brandon Routh: I was never a Brandon fan until right now!!! Sweet beyond sweet, incredibly considerate, funny, beckoned Tom over for me when he was being made to leave and I said we’d not seen Tom yet. More anecdotes in my Expanded Comments!
-TomCav: !!! Brandon yells him over, Tom see my custom Harry pop figure, and runs over to grab it up, "HOLY HANNAH IN A HANDBASKET! IT'S ME!" And he's all "can I take a selfie with him? Is that ok? Is this yours?" I was all "YES HE'S MY PLUS ONE, BUT GO AHEAD."
The resemblance was uncanny, and he was stood next to me being PERFECT. ❤
More in comments!


cavanaghtom Pulse gun; wise. No mouth; wiser.

{Saturday Summary}
-Katie Cassidy in hospital with a torn bicep injury so couldn’t make it.
-Four coffee lounges (you and 19 other fans and the guest you’ve chosen).
-Part of Brandon’s panel, all of TomCav’s.
-Stephen Amell’s opening panel was the very first Welcome to the convention… so I slept in and missed that creature.

Barrowman Lounge
-HILARIOUS. Non-stop laughter.
-A lot of new Torchwood in the works with his sister, so keep your eyes out.
-Wants to get the original gang back together again.
-Was asked if he wanted to play Oberyn Martell on GOT but had to decline (and he’s white?!) as he contractually can’t do any dramas on competing networks.
-Talked about hot guys he’s worked with, and Scott’s dick leak

Keiynan & Franz Lounge
-I originally booked Keiynan, but out of 2000 attendees only four of us wanted to meet these two qts, so the lounges were merged so they did it together, and the four of us fans got to chill with them and relax.
-Told Keiynan we all stan for Kid Flash! But he loves Barry so doesn’t want to be the one to replace him.
-Franz loves working with Victor Garber <3
-SO sweet, ordinary down to earth guys.

Danielle Lounge
-Awkward and embarrassing af as nobody was asking any questions apart from me and one guy who wanted to know about her horror movies.
-REALLY really nice, sharp sense of humour and witty.
-Wants to work more with Candice and Violett, more about girlpower than anything.
-Thinks Caitlin should be single now tbh.
-I mentioned “my online community” a few times in response to us talking, as nobody else was saying a damn thing, and she asked me what it was – SO I TOLD HER ABOUT ONTD.
“It's called Oh No They Didn't... BUT DON'T GO THERE BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE WAY WAY WAY HARSH ABOUT YOU." And she was like "oh HONEY, you should see twitter, I get thousands of messages a week! Really harsh nasty stuff!"
I just said "no, no Danielle, this is like BLOCK TEXT of dragging." Her expression was a PICTURE.
She promised she wouldn't come here to spy on us lmao.

-Some girl asked about SNOWBARRY, Danielle supports WESTALLEN: asked if there would be MORE intimate scenes between Barry and Caitlin. Danielle knocked that back fast. "no... no no, they're like siblings, they’re in the lab together that’s all, they have that kind of relationship, there's nothing there at all, and I think before they can even think about anything like that WestAllen has to come first, and be central to Barry's story. I know there are shippers... WestAllen and SnowBarry... but WestAllen is the direction they're going in, pretty clearly. I think you need to let WestAllen have this."
-She told me she’s relying on me to keep her safe by NOT putting that on twitter… she has good banter!
-Doesn’t see anything in Snowells, wasn’t aware it was a ship, thinks Caitlin feels that Harrison is more of a paternal figure (surejan.gif)

Tom Lounge.
Wayyyyy more expanded in comments, Flash Fam!
-Anecdotes about putting dents into the cortex walls using the wheelchair on purpose.
-Talked about MATES, did his Ralph Fiennes impression (at my request).
-Added Harry’s quirks himself, thrives on physical acting, called Harry “a badass and malcontent.”
-Mimed out Harry’s mannerisms and gun cocking.
-Confirmed he wrote his entire character himself.
-Chills with everyone on set, loves them all, plays games, pranks, hijinks, and guitar and sings with Carlos, basketball with Grant.
-Discussed Carlos Valdes being a MUSICAL GENIUS – he and Carlos recording some music together which will be released online at some point.
-Basically confirmed his continued presence in Season 3, as though anyone ever doubted it.

Brandon Panel
I was drinking coffee and eating pancakes, don’t blame me for not taking notes! But I did take some photos for the good sis rawr_santi.

 photo SAM_0893_zpsnma9zyld.jpg
 photo SAM_0899_zpscvet70rn.jpg

Tom Panel.
-Much the same as the Lounge content, same kinds of questions.
-Grant and Carlos LOVE it when Tom throws things at them in scenes! YES. YES, TOM! THROW IT!!!!! THROW IT AT ME!!!!!"
-Had a lot of banter with the fans asking questions, complimented their shirts and costumes to put them at ease.
-Asked who his fave cast member to film with is... answered Word for Word with a previous interview answer!!

 photo tumblr_nyhy55wU7r1sz5kv9o6_250_zpsua9svhed.gif photo tumblr_nyhy55wU7r1sz5kv9o5_250_zpsihlwaupi.gif

And "If you think for one second that i’m going to open THAT can of worms, my friend... you’re sorely mistaken!"

 photo SAM_0811_zpsdqu3m93d.jpg
 photo SAM_0849_zpsbfbgro6s.jpg
 photo sat1_zpsgdyzuius.jpg

Tom Photo Op
I almost died from smoke, dust and paint fumes crafting these giant props from modelling Styrofoam material in an attempt to pay homage to this iconic CW promo:
 photo squadgoals13_zpsolb3yfcw.gif

TOM LOVED THEM and couldn't stop saying how much. He wanted the Flash bolt!

 photo tomcav photo sat_zpsczadopre.png

Sunday Summary

Katie Cassidy Lounge
-15 minutes late as the con crew didn’t know it was going ahead as Katie had only arrived back from hospital just.
-Sat RIGHT NEXT TO HER, painfully beautiful.
-I asked her about playing Black Siren: she loved it! Split the pants sitting down the first day as not stretchy leather and skin tight.
-A fan asked about Laurel/Nyssa: Katie confirmed that it had been discussed early on before season 3 filmed, about making it a romantic bisexual relationship, but it was decided against and she doesn’t know why, but presumes to do with Sara. WOULD be totally up for it and making Laurel bi.
-If could change anything, would change the Tommy/Laurel season 1 relationship as thought it was too one-dimensional and not well-written for Laurel
-A good sis in the lounge told me that when she arrived, Katie got choked up, talking about how much she put into being BC, working out, researching, devouring the source material, and doing everything she could to do her justice for the fans.
-Went to AA meetings for Laurel research – as her family has a history of alcoholism she has seen the damaging effects of it growing up, wanted to do the storyline justice.
-Found it very draining and personally rewarding.
-HINTED that this week’s Flash episode will not be the end for Black Siren!! And all may not be quite what we think!

Katie Cassidy Autograph
Way more in the comments, but she had missed an entire day of the convention whilst in hospital.
-2000 autos to sign minimum (many had multiple items), many many photos.
-Hours of photos, her lounge, her panel, and sat and signed and talked to the fans all afternoon and well into the evening.
-Convention finished at 6pm, shut, guests left, but Katie stayed until well after 8pm, she INSISTED on staying to sign for everyone and see the fans despite being in pain.
-Anti-KC and Anti-Laurel (and Olicity) fans on social media saying horrible horrible untrue things about her, saying she wasn’t in hospital, was in bed with a hangover and was trashed, doesn’t care about the fans etc :(

-I told her about ONTD and that everyone here LOVES and supports her, that most of us quit Arrow because of how badly done to Laurel was.
She said “you’re so so sweet!!” and re: us quitting the show “I’ll be on The Flash this week though, you’ll see me then!” I said how we were all excited about it, and we hope she’s on the Flash FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. She laughed and said “well you never know!”
I said “WELL THEN, SEE YOU IN ALL OF SEASON 3!” And she laughed again, beamed so brightly up at me, thanked me for staying behind to see her and said “Season 3! Yes! Let’s go!!”

 photo katiecassidy_zpstdj2uywv.jpg

-KATIE AND DANIELLE both stayed long beyond their sessions to sign for fans... unlike others who kept getting up and leaving for extended breaks as fans were in the queue and just couldn’t be bothered... Like Charlotte Ross!

Charlotte Ross
What can I say about Charlotte...
-Getting up and saying how BORED she was, leaving in the middle of her autograph sessions with a massive queue waiting to see her.
-Heard saying “do I have to be here?!” and huffing, before going for a break in the middle of the session.
-Acting like a massive diva, refusing to sign for the fans!!
-Flat out refused to sign some official images, including the official convention photo taken of her because she didn’t like how she looked in them.
-Obnoxious rude egotistic behaviour in auto sessions – multitude of complaints, reports saying even Stephen Amell had to have a word with her about it!

Colton Haynes Auto
-Total sweetheart
-In the auto queue it was hectic, overheated, and insane, and the queue was miles long.
-Colton got up and quit his table, and started walking down the line and signing for everyone stood waiting “I just want to stand up and see you all, I don’t want to be sat with my head down the whole time when you guys all have to stand.”

Colton and Falk Come to a Fan’s Rescue As She Suffers Seizures
A fan suffered two seizures at the con, and both Colton and Falk rushed to her assistance, Colton holding her and helping her through it. TRUE IRL HEROES.
I posted about it here!

Danielle Auto
-Remembered me from Meet and Greet and Saturday Lounge.
-We chatted for a few minutes, full summary in the comments.
-She was super lovely and sweet!

EBR Auto
-Friend had a queue clash so I went for them (and for you rawr_santi).
-Reports from other fans say she barely looked up during autos as too rushed, was most popular guest and people had flown in from across the world to meet her as she rarely does events.
-I was near the end of her last queue, told her I felt badly that Felicity didn’t actually have any proper storyline with her paralysis, that it was poorly handled and a wasted opportunity.
She looked up, smiled sadly, and said "yeah..." and that was the end of that monosyllabic encounter.

Brandon Auto
-End of his queue for the day so had a bit of a chat.
-Told him I hated Ray on Legends because he’s too moody and sullen, Brandon said it’s all the “romance problems” he’s been having.
-Had some good banter, he was sweet and funny, thanked me and my friend for coming and hoped we got home safely. I am converted.

Other autos
Everyone else was actually lovely – I didn’t end up bothering with Stephen Amell for obvious reasons. As IF I’d pay so much extra money to meet him when he can’t even be bothered shelling out money for acting lessons!

Jason Momoa Panel
Could only stay for 15 mins between panels, but seriously funny.
Is proud to be playing Aquaman, doesn't care if people are salty he isn't blonde.

 photo SAM_0948_zpspwxmhokv.jpg
 photo SAM_0952_zps25oosjzo.jpg
 photo SAM_0956_zpsorze0zs4.jpg
 photo SAM_0961_zpsn1bqquq4.jpg

Tom Auto
-No food gifts rule, so couldn’t bring Tom Clementines (top rated snack by both Tom and Magic, MATES #46), so made him a Clementine Cake candle, more about his cute reaction in comments.
-Signed Little Harry’s little head! Took more selfies with him.
-More cuteness in comments!

Tom Photo
 photo tomcav photo sun_zpstmsfra9d.png
 photo tomcav photo sun2_zpslkx9y3w6.png

Random Observation
Tom asks for permission always. Before doing anything which may tangentially involve you, he asks if he can, if that’s ok, and waits for full verbal consent before proceeding.

Tom Talk #2
-Power sliding was his own invention – it was written as running in and grabbing the gun and he was all “no I don’t think so, how about I just slide in” and so he did.
-He likes to do all of his own stunts.
-The glasses were coming on or off from episode 1 as little tells and visual hints and cues: Tom was doing “about 117 things throughout season 1” as part of EoWells’ subterfuge, which you can watch back and notice only in retrospect.
-Big Belly Burger started off as a joke, and he and Carlos were like “let’s talk about Big Belly Burger as much as we can” as improve which then took off and became a thing, so much so he now has a poster in his room.
- “Hello, Flash!(In EoWells voice) at a little girl in a Flash shirt about to ask a question. TOO CUTE.
-His favourite scene this season was in Flash Back where Grant was chained to the chair, and he was threatening to thrust his hand through Barry’s chest.
-“The show works best with daily conflict – Harry is a malcontent bitch who’s always complaining.”
-BUT deep down Harry is a good guy, and all he really cares about is “getting his daughter safe and sound.”

-Described his behaviour on set as “just massive amounts of hijinks and practical jokes – that’s my speciality.”
-CARLOS: “a musical genius… the best I’ve ever seen in 25 years.”
-Someone asked what he likes to do in his spare time…. “Vancouver is a coniferous jewel of a city”, he spends a lot of time being outdoorsy. He also writes a lot!
-“I WROTE SOMETHING FOR GRANT AND I”, it shows both Tom and Grant in a “MUCH DARKER AND FUNNIER LIGHT” – NOT for The Flash, something original, and they ARE going to shoot it and make it available to us!
-Was asked about the wheelchair, and mimed out the same story that he did in yesterday’s lounge with the spinning of the chair, saying on every spin to Grant,“WATCH YOURSELF, ALLEN.” And Grant couldn’t keep a straight face.
-Talked about Cisco vibing… “he can’t really control it! But then he can!” Said how he can when he needs to for the story, but then at other times it seems like he can’t again, but that it’s a necessity for the story as everything would be too easily resolved otherwise.

 photo SAM_0967_zpsf2knkfv4.jpg
 photo SAM_0979_zpszubs2fm0.jpg
 photo SAM_1003_zpsmiutz0qt.jpg
 photo SAM_0988_zpsfnmoyqp6.jpg
 photo SAM_1034_zpsazz2skvp.jpg
 photo SAM_1035_zpsrpwo47m1.jpg

Closing Panel – John Barrowman
-Basically an hour of non-stop laughter.
-Writing the Malcolm Merlyn comics right now which have been confirmed as CANON.
-Will see a side of Malcolm we haven’t before that will illuminate how he is now.
-Involves an ‘interesting connection’ with Nyssa….
-Sorry ONTD Arrow fans... Malcolm will be around for a longggg time to come!
-Will see some SHOCKING TWISTS AND REVELATIONS to do with Malcolm in an upcoming episode, something that will ”change everything [...] an unexpected turn of events.”

Sources: Photos all my own, Katie Cassidy Pics, TomCav Insta, Sean Pertwee Insta

TOMCAVVVVVVV!!!! Oh, and hey good & noble ONTD Flash Fam! All sections expanded in comments with extra photos so as not to clog up this extremely long post.❤
Please accept this, Mods! My inbox has been filling all night with requests to hurry!
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