MUA drama! Jeffree Star vs MakeUpShayla

-Myspace/Warped Tour era makeup artist turned professional beauty manufacturer Jeffree Star went out with another youtuber called MakeUpShayla when she allegedly told another person to get lip injections because her face was disproportionate
-Jeffree was upset then went on several rants on snapchat and twitter (helpfully compiled in that youtube video below)

The youtuber in question responded, denying that she had said something like that

-In a now deleted tweet he called her a 'broke rat'

-He also called her a man

-Jeffree also retweeted this before continuing with his rant

-In another deleted tweet he also threatened to beat up MakeUpShayla


-He also retweeted this

-Instead of defending her friend, another instagram/youtube mua named Amreezy had this to say

-He also revealed who the person he was defending was

-Jeffree also blocked a user who told him she would no longer be buying his products due to his threats of violence toward MakeUpShayla
-People are also apparently rediscovering that Jeffree isn't shit and dragging up his racist rants from the old days.

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Where was all this when MannyMUA called that girl ugly tho? Icu Jeffree.