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is butter a carb?

Ruby Rose kicked out of NOLA restaurant for throwing fries at staff

-Ruby was in New Orleans to work at a club. Someone in her group called to make a reservation at Rebellion but were not guarenteed a time or a table, but were told they could try for after 9PM

-Ruby & her group came in at 9:15 and were told they had to wait but were seated 15 mins later. They were also told the kitchen was backed up.

-They didn't receive their apps until 40 mins after they ordered which did not sit well with Ruby. She asked the manager to come speak with her. He offered to comp the apps and buy them a round of drinks but she declined and was starting to get pissed. One of the bartenders walking by saw they were upset so he stopped to talk to them. Ruby threw food at him and said that if she was a bigger man, she would kick the owners ass. The bartender still offered a free round of drinks, which they again declined.

-As the bartender walked away a french fry hit his shoulder. He came over to check in once again, thinking maybe somehow a french fry just made its way over to his shoulder. Ruby then picked up a handful of fries and threw it at him.

-Owner then came over and asked them to leave

Whose side are you on, ONTD? Team french fry or team bartender?

Tags: orange is the new black (netflix)

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