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Katy Perry reveals new music is coming to a prankster pretending to be an Orlando Bloom paramour?

A prank caller who obtained Katy Perry's phone number from Azealia Banks' hacked icloud decided to give Katy a call to harass her about Orlando's recent cheating scandal and Katy happened to be in the recording studio at the time. As they were speaking, an unheard Katy Perry song played in the background. This is possibly the first indication that she's working on a new album and hasn't just gone into early retirement.
First half of the call:

Second half of the call:

Videos transcribed if you don't want to listen do but want to know what was said:
Katy: -the song. Hello?
Caller with breathy voice: "Hi, I'm with Orlando right now. He's eatin' my pussy."
Katy: what?
~unheard song starts playing in the background~
Caller: I'm with him
Katy: Who is this?
Caller: "Oh, you don't need to know"
~unheard song continues in the background~
Katy: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!
Caller: Are you mad?
Katy: No, not really. Um, I just want to be sure. Send me a picture.
Caller: Oh, I will. I'll send a picture of his dick in my pussy.
Katy: Ok, great.
Caller You're a flop. Bye!
Katy: Great. Bye

Tags: azealia banks, katy perry, music / musician (pop), orlando bloom

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