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Comic artist Darwyn Cooke has passed away

The following statement was posted on his blog earlier this morning:
We regret to inform you that Darwyn lost his battle with cancer early this morning at 1:30 AM ET. We read all of your messages of support to him throughout the day yesterday. He was filled with your love and surrounded by friends and family at his home in Florida.

Donations can be made to the Canadian Cancer Society and Hero Initiative.

Please continue to respect our privacy as we go through this very difficult time.

A longer statement will come later today.

“Then we shall not be weary. Then we shall prevail.” -- John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier speech

It was announced yesterday that he was receiving palliative care for an aggressive form of cancer. Cooke is best known for his work on DC's The New Frontier, Catwoman, The Spirit, as well as the animated shows for Batman Beyond and Superman. He was 53 years old.

twitter | blog post
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