Cordelia Foxx (vehiclesshockme) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Cordelia Foxx

Tom Lenk + Eliza Dushku reenact scene from Huntsman: Winter's War + Tom's Met Gala looks for less

#LenkLewkForLess presents #thehuntsmanwinterswar in the garage realness starring @elizadushku as #emilyblunt and @tommylenk as #charlizetheron. #FaithandAndrew #AndrewMadeMeDoIt

Eliza is wearing an original #LenkLewk. Thrift store corset 3 sizes too big cinched with a binder clip: $6. Bunch of silver plastic spoons from @target on the corset: $5. Skirt (Mylar safety blanket from my probably useless Earthquake kit): $Free. Panty hose with crotch cutout as shirt/sleeves: $6. MaxiPad tiara: $3.59 for one pack. Jewelry and shoulderWERK provided by Eliza.

Tom's LURK &LEWK: gold Mylar safety blanket with paper foil collar: $4 from @amazon. Panty hose with crotch cut out top, bodice?, sparkle ruffle shorts, yoga pants: $Free from my costume box. Paper and #Reece's peanut butter cup crown: $3.54. Jewelry provided by Eliza.

Total cost: I can't do this much math in my head.

Happy belated Mother's Day. Today was a 20 minute challenge! Hollywood studios could save millions by getting the #lenklewkforless! 2 wigs, 5 moustaches as a beard, double stick tape, twigs and flowers on top of the image on my iPad: $FREE from my HAUS and yard. Keep production in Cali by saving a buck with #lenklewkforless @jennifer_anniston_official @juliarobertsoriginal @katehudson @jason.sudeikis P.S. No photoshop just wigs and a prayer.

LITERALLY EVERYONE BUT @Beyonce at the @metmuseum #MetGala2016 Days of Future X Machina or Whatever.
GET THE LEWK FOR LESS AT HAUS OF LENK. @metmuseum #metgala2016 #davidlaport #FASHUNS #lenklewkforless
MORE HAUS OF LENK LEWKS FOR LESS. It's like Ross Dress for Less, but like way less. Hobo vs. Boho. You decide. @metmuseum #metgala2016 #olsentwins #lenklewkforless
GET THE @KimKardashian @kanyewest LEWK 4 LESS. SLAAAYNK W/ HAUS OF LENK @metmuseum #MetGala2016 #kimkardashian #kanyewest #lenklewkforless
LENK LEWKS FOR LESS is the only place to shop for robo-body-armor. Why go to the HAUS of GIVENCHY when you can just come to the kitchen at my HAUS and I'll give you some tongs and a spatula. Manchurian x Machina or something. @zayn @metmuseum #MetGala2016 #zayn #pillowtalk
Bitch stole my LEWK. @anna.wintour wishes she got it from LENK LEWKS FOR LESS. Towel: $Free from the Bathroom. Fabric scrap: $Free from my sewing box. Branch: $Free from Nature. @metmuseum #MetGala2016 #annawintour #lenklewkforless
A subtle smokey eye and a bold lip go well with #lenklewkforless royal blue dress extravaganza with abstract pipe cleaner and headphone cable shark appliqué. Come to my HAUS for HAUSHOLD HI FUN & HI FASHYUNS. @jessica_chastain @metmuseum #MetGala2016 @nike
Get the @katyperry LEWK FOR LESS. Everything in the junk drawer necklace: $Free. @howtogetawaywithmurder crew t-shirt gifted from @onlycatsandfood: $Free. Two rolls of duck tape on top of your head: Like $9? Old @wetnwildcosmetic makeup from a box under the sink: $Free. Glue stick from the junk drawer: $Free. BLOCK OUT YOUR BROWS KWEEN! Total cost for this #lenklewkforless: Like $9 @metmuseum #MetGala2016 @jwujek
Category iiiiiiiis:#wigsonwigs get the #michellewilliams #HAUSHOLDHIFASHUN LEWK. Tank top: $Free from the dresser. Few pieces of tape: $Free from yesterday's LEWK. Cut up sticky foam sheet: $Free from craft cart. Skirt (actually a neoprene abdominal fitness belt): $Free from the trunk of my car. Clutch by Tolstoy #pursefirst @metmuseum #metgala2016 #lenklewkforless
category iiiiiiiiiis: #ediblearrangements GET THE #lenklewkforless with this 💯% #edibleSJP LEWK. Isn't it DELISHYUS?! Hair: Penne, Rigatoni, & Ziti pasta. Cameo necklace: Rice cake, blue @frootloopsus, dehydrated blueberries & tortilla. Jacket and top: #missionflourtortillas with @nillawafers. Smokey Eye: crushed reduced fat (THIS IS FASHUN) @oreo cookies (I'm not even kidding) total cost with @vons #Pavillions saving card: $31.67 Total savings: $6.12 #metgala2016 @metmuseum I think @sarahjessicaparker looked GORJ and loved the story of her LEWK and also ARE WE RELATED?! #angelhairpasta #pastawig

The #viagralady is giving us a #MASTERCLASS in ACTEEEEN. She's INTRIGUED, and SLIGHTLY BORED, RELAXED and COMPLETELY UNCOMFORTABLE. TURNT UP but MAYBE ALREADY GOT OFF? She cares about your erection, but also GIVES ZERO FUCKS. She's old and wise AND young and stupid. She sounds ENGLISH, and at the same time AMERICAN?! Give her aaaaallll of the awards.
Part 1: I can't get enough of this.
Part 2: Are you ready for my ACTEEEEEN?! I AM A PROFESH OKRRR?! SO BRACE YOURSELVES. #viagralady
Part 3: talk to your duhktuh.

Tags: buffyverse / whedonverse, celebrity social media, charlize theron, eliza dushku, emily blunt, fashion, jessica chastain, kanye west, kardashian / jenner, katy perry, michelle williams, olsens, sarah jessica parker / sex and the city, solange, zayn malik

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