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Tom Hardy to cameo in Episode VIII? Spoilers & Speculation!

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Rumours from the internet which say they're from the set are that Tom Hardy could be/will be cameoing in Episode VIII, much like Daniel Craig and a who's who of others did in Episode VII.

According to, Hardy's role will be of a similar brief nature as Craig's, however, and take this with a bucket of salt rather than a pinch, Making Star Wars have laid down their 'scoop'...

Today the Making Star Wars website editor-in-chief reported that rumours of Tom Hardy cameoing were in fact TRUE.
Supposedly they got deets out of their multiple sources and 'pieced' the cameo together with the following outline:

-Finn is on a secret mission, where he comes across Tom Hardy, who is an old First Order Stormtrooper buddy of his from training.
-Storm!Hardy recognises Finn, "walks up behind him and slaps him on the ass" (according to source).
-Storm!Hardy is overjoyed to see his old friend, congratulating him on his "promotion to Resistance infiltrator and spy" - Finn is all wtf and surprised that Storm!Hardy is unaware that he actually defected, but says nothing about it, cameo over.

The source also believes that this may indicate that Little Snoke and AO3/Tumblr faves KyLux didn't want news of Finn's defection getting out and giving anyone ideas, so once they made their escape from Starkiller, they spread it about that Finn was actually ~undercover for them.

Sources:Entertainment IE, Making Star Wars, Image Credit

Are YOU cameoing in Episode VIII, and any online 'leaks' for your loyal fans, ONTD?

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