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The Good Wife Series Finale Recap: How Did It End?

During the last part of the season Peter was on trial for corruption and Alicia, Diane and Lucca were representing him.
In the penultimate episode the jury came back with a verdict but they left it on a cliffhanger.

We were supposed to find out if he was guilty or not but the jury didn’t actually render a verdict. They had a question and there was a lot of back and forth during the trial.

Alicia had a lot of hallucinations with Will (Josh Charles made several appearances, some which looked like flashback, some that were obviously hallucinations. He tells her to be with Jason even though she’ obviously not in love with him the same way she was with Will. She tells hallucination Will that she’ll love him forever.

Alicia & Jason go back and forth with the will they or won’t they.

Cary makes a cameo. He is teaching now.

Peter eventually takes a deal to resign as governor and take one year probation, no jail as part of a plea deal.

The last scene has Alicia walking hand in hand with Peter and going up to the podium during his press conference to announce his deal. Eventually she sees Jason in a shadow in the hall backstage. She walks away from Peter to go after him and chases him. She calls to him but he doesn’t answer. She leaves a voice mail to tell him she is ending everything with Peter and wants to be with him. She continues to chase him down the hall but he is nowhere to be seen. She turns to go back (to Peter?). Diane walks up and slaps her (because Alicia forced her husband to admit to an affair during the trial). She continues to walk down the hallway (again back to Peter) and after crying about Diane she stiffens up and continues to walk down the hallway. The end.

Did you watch the finale? What did you think?

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