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THE ALBUM OF THE SUMMER 2016 IS HERE!!! Meghan Trainor's album #ThankYou available for streaming!

Meghan Trainor's album is available for streaming in FULL a week ahead of its release date on Apple Music. Listen to it HERE.

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

1. Watch Me Do
2. Me Too
3. NO
4. Better (feat. Yo Gotti)
5. Hopeless Romantic
6. I Love Me (feat. LunchMoney Lewis)
7. Kindly Calm Me Down
8. Woman Up
9. Just a Friend to You
10. I Won’t Let You Down
11. Dance Like Yo Daddy
12. Champagne Problems
13. Mom (feat. Kelli Trainor) (that's her mom)
14. Friends
15. Thank You (feat. R. City)

Sources: 1 2
Tags: meghan trainor, music / musician (pop), new music post

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