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NBA Playoffs + A Tribute to Jeremy Lin's Hair

Years after Linsanity, Jeremy Lin has been making headlines for an entirety different reason - his hair. If you've been following this year's NBA season, you would have noticed Jeremy has been sporting some interesting hairdos. Here are his best and worst styles of the season.

The Mohawk

The Bowl Cut

The Ponytail

The Double Ponytail

The Comb Over

The Middle Part

Round 1
The Miami Heat easily won Game 7, beating the Charlotte Hornets 106-73. Goran Dragic led the Heats with 25pts(11/17 fgs) and 6reb.

The Toronto Raptors almost blew a double digit lead but managed to hold on and beat the Indiana Pacers 89-84. This is the first series win for the Raptors since 2001. Despite losing, Paul George continued to try to drag the Pacers to the finish line, leading with 26pts( 8/18 fgs, 4/7 3pts) and 12reb.

Round 2
The San Antonio Spurs destroyed the Oklahoma City Thunders by a score of 124-92. LaMarcus Aldridge led the Spurs with 38pts(18/23 fgs) and 6reb.

The Golden State Warriors took care of business at home, beating the Portland Trailblazers 118-106. Klay Thompson set his career playoff high with 37pts (14/28 pts, 7/14 3pts) and Draymond Green added with a triple double (23pts, 13reb, 11ast) to lead the Dubs to a win.

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I WAS AT TODAY WARRIORS GAME! It's so great to see Klay stepping up these past two series. Glad to hear Curry is close to coming back as well. OKC's defense is just terrible. I think Durant/Westbrook will play better but the Spurs is clearly the better team right now. Paul George deserves to have better pieces around him, he played incredible the whole series. And yeah, that was a foul.
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