'Sense8' Jamie Clayton confirms Season 2 premiere, orgies, and throws Mariah levels of shade

Jamie Clayton (Nomi) gave some revealing information.

When asked when Season 2 will premiere, she revealed it'll be this year around Christmas. (Gimme naked!Hernando wrapped in a bow, pls.)

She told the world the recasting were exciting news:

When asked if the recasting will affect Capheus storyline.

When asked why they didn't killed Capheus, just recasted him.

When asked if she experienced Transphobia from Aml Ameen, she denies it.

Some fan asked what was going on because she was confused and she just told them that they're happy with the recasting.

When someone said how horrible it was that Aml was leaving, she spilled.

When asked if they had contracts to avoid people just walking off shows, she just went cryptic.... so i guess he was actually fired.

No fucks about Aml leaving were given when she was asked how did she feel about it...

Nope. not sad at all.

When asked if she had already filmed any scenes with Capheus 2.0 she answered she hasn't. But she will soon.

She loves Freema Agyeman (Everyone should tbh. How could you not love Martha?)

There's more sensate orgies coming in season 2: "will we get another hot scene with the sensates just like in season 1? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) my dog asked"

She doesn't really gives two fucks about 'Orphan Black'.

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This season's press tour will be ah-mah-zing.