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Will Smith talks about Suicide Squad + New Harley costume

While promoting the film at Cinemacon in Las Vegas, Smith described the realism that David Ayer brought to the comic book movie and addressed the amount of comedy that will be on display.

"It’s definitely concentrated on a certain amount of levity set into a serious, harsh reality," said the Concussion actor. "He continued, "So what [director] David Ayer did that was really good is he didn’t allow us to be in a comic-book movie. You’re playing this character, but this character has real ideas, has real feelings. So he set us firmly into this authentic world, but then allowed for the comedy. It shifts, it moves around.

It is really violent, and then there’s beautiful scenes. Deadshot has a daughter. It covers a lot of ground. It’s not a full-out comedy. It is a superhero movie in its definition. There’s heavy action to it. We shot real hardcore military war-type action. But it’s also really funny. In one scene, Boomerang [Jai Courtney] sits down and has a beer while we’re fighting."


source 2

They should've kept it dark. I'm nhf a deadpool audience pandering c*medy. 😷
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