Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. isn't a fan of NY mayor's racist joke

- In a skit at Saturday night’s Inner Circle show, Hillary Clinton joined New York Mayor Bill de Blasio as a surprise guest.

- Clinton joked that de Blasio was late with endorsing her.  Blasio apologized and said he was "running on C.P. time". Riffing on the phrase “colored people time,” referring to the stereotype that "colored people" are always late.

'Hamilton' star Leslie Odom Jr., who is black and plays Aaron Burr in the hit production, addressed the mayor from the stage.

“I don’t like jokes like that, Bill,” Odom said.

Clinton then brushed it off, saying to de Blasio that it was “‘Cautious Politician Time.’ I’ve been there.”


ontd just watch the video for maximum cringe its only 40 seconds