A rare positive post about BvS

Since all of yall only like to post the negative news/reviews about the movie, here’s some positivity! Let’s see how many of you actually read the article before commenting.

On the whole “Zack hates Superman” claim:

The gist of the “Zack hates Superman” claim is, Superman is disliked and distrusted by society, is shown to be reckless and ineffective, is too brooding, and is widely mocked throughout the film. Perry White tells Clark Kent, “It’s not 1938, apples don’t cost a nickel,” Batman beats Superman into submission, sneering that Superman’s parents probably told him he was sent here for a reason. Superman tells Lois the “S” on his chest was a symbol of hope on his world, but that his world doesn’t exist anymore. These, then, are the examples of supposed proof Snyder hates Superman — the Perry White speech gets the most play when this argument is put forth, because it seems the clearest literal example of the film disparaging Superman’s idealism.

And of course, that’s precisely what it is, as is Batman’s violent attack against the Man of Steel and his little speech to him; as is the world’s skepticism in the film, and the anger so many characters feel toward Superman. Yes, those things are all meant to criticize Superman and what he stands for. The trick is, you’re supposed to realize they’re all wrong, because that’s the actual point of the movie — everyone mocking and criticizing Superman is wrong.

On the world that Superman is in/Bruce and Lex’s view on this world and Superman:

The world is cynical, skeptical, and jaded. War, poverty, violence, hatred — these are the daily realities for so many people, and even those in positions of so-called power realize how helpless they are to stop most of it.

Bruce and Lex are both characters who’ve felt powerless because of the events that have happened in their lives and Superman’s presence only reminds them of their powerlessness: But there was no Superman, no absolute good power, to rescue Lex from the abuse and perversions of his father, so why should the world now have a Superman?

There was no Superman to save Thomas and Martha Wayne, no Superman to help Batman pull up the weeds overrunning Gotham. Every “good” Bruce saw over the years, every person who supposedly fought for hope and justice, either died or became corrupted, or just gave up. He doesn’t believe in absolute good anymore, and so all he can see in Superman is absolute power that cannot be trusted because it exists in a world too cynical and damaged to allow such power to be good. Superman is a symbol of all of Batman’s failures, of his greatest fears come to life, and if all good has become corrupted eventually, then this absolute symbol of Batman’s helplessness and failure cannot be allowed to exist anymore.

I’m not going to copy and paste this entire article because it’s long as hell but it’s also a good read so regardless of your opinion of the movie, it’s still worth checking out. For the three fans of BvS, do you agree?

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