Flop of mine – How Zayn abandoned the fans that made him famous

- despite making "history," his sales are still low (especially compared to 1D), forecast to drop out of the top 10 within a week
- "...has tried to force the idea that he is an authentic R&B artist who can appeal to an audience outside of teenage girls. In doing so, these sales figures illuminate the fact that despite there being millions of Directioners worldwide, only a tiny proportion of them ended up supporting Zayn as a solo artist. Did they refuse to show out for him? Or was it the other way round?"
- didn't work with any prominent producers, doesn't have the depth like Frank Ocean, lyrics are weak af, comes short compared to miguel, frank, the weeknd
- "Zayn has been presented as an oppressed auteur who smokes weed and drinks whiskey, telling the tastemaking crowd to like him before proving that they should. But Zayn is not an auteur. He is an ex-TV talent show contestant and a former member of the biggest manufactured boyband in the world." LMAO
- "In fairness to Zayn, the weight of expectation on this release was phenomenal. He is the first breakout from the One Direction behemoth. He is a Muslim artist, having to represent for all young Asians at a time when their existence is deeply fraught. The truth is, for all these reasons, we wanted him to be the next big superstar. We wanted him to threaten Bieber, and we wanted him to prove that he was better than the band he left behind. But maybe what we wanted for Zayn is not what he wanted for himself."


would u abandon the fans that made u famous, ontd? 🤔