Sony trying to save Dr. Luke... won't even sit at a table with Kesha's people

-Kesha made a post on instagram about being offered her freedom, if she were to lie and say, Dr. Luke never raped her
-Sources told TMZ that Sony (the owner of the labels Kesha is singed to- RCA and Dr. Luke's Kemosabe) is the one who is trying to make these deals
-Dr. Luke is one of Sony's most important "creative talents" and producers, so they would like to save his reputation and let Kesha go... this would basically ruin her career and make disgusting people discredit rape victims even more
-Sources also told TMZ that Sony won't even sit at a table with Kesha's people or attorney
-It was reported last month after rumors of Sony dropping Dr. Luke, that Sony has an excellent relationship with Luke and that his people are regularly in contact with the highest executives

Source: Twitter