Taylor Swift Doesn't Clap for Justin Bieber, Thanks "Adam" at iHeartRadio Music Awards

Apparently the iHeartRadio Music Awards is on? If you care about this second-rate awards show, here is some tea, freshly poured by Taylor Swift: Taylor declined to clap for Justin Bieber after he finished his performance, deciding instead to take another sip of her drink.

Justin allegedly treated Taylor's friend Selena Gomez like crap while they dated. Remember, Taylor once made a grossed-out face when she saw Justin and Selena kissing:

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Also, after Taylor won the award for female artist of the year, she thanked her boyfriend, referring to him as "Adam." (Adam Wiles, a dj who is dating Taylor Swift, changed his stage name to Calvin Harris to sound more racially ambiguous.)

I'm so glad Taylor gave Adam a happy ending.