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Can You Guess Which Celebs Get Called 'Daddy' the Most?

The good sises at @GQ have noticed a new trend among the youths of the internet. Across Twitter and Instagram, tweens are spamming the photos of attractive male celebrities with the word "daddy." But who (or what) exactly is a daddy?

@GQ explains: "The “daddy” is a very particular kind of man. He commands respect and power, but never fear. He is active on social-media channels and frequently posts pictures of himself."

The fashion bible adds: "It’s not clear when it started, but at some point over the last few years teenagers began replying to celebrities with “daddy” as soon as they tweeted or posted a photo to Instagram. It’s kind of like “first." (But better, obvz!)

Ever on the cutting edge of what is young, hip, and expensive, @GQ has compiled a quick list of the internet's favorite daddies. To do so, they scoured the web, examining the last 10 Instagram posts of "likely daddies," searching for every instance of the word in the comment section.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had a total of 417 daddies!

Dwayne's Instagram

Barack Obama had a total of 598 daddies!

Obama's Instagram

Justin Bieber had a total of 1,094 daddies! Get it boo!

Bieber's Instagram

Drake had a total of 2,147 daddies!!

Drake's Instagram

Unprofessional flop Zayn Malik had a total of 9,448 daddies. Get it, daddy!

Zayn's Instagram

Paraphrased from @GQ and
Check out the full list and counts on their site

ONTD: Who's your daddy?

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