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Justin Bieber Continuing $2000 M&G Despite Cancelling $925 M&Gs for Depression

-Justin Bieber cancelled his $925 group meet and greets yesterday due to exhaustion, depression, and fans simply draining him with their spirtual energy
-His fans showed support trending "#WeAreHereForYouJustin" and tweeting things like "Your money is refundable, but Justin's life isn't"
-Fans were originally upset and saying security should be punished, not them, but now they are saying that anyone complaining doesn't deserve to meet Justin anyways and that his health is the most important
-However, his team has cited security reasons with a fan on their "watchlist" getting within 10 feet of Justin due to the meet and greets, fans pulling at his hair and ripping his clothes, and even giving him the flu (how would you know a fan gave him the flu?)
-TMZ also says Justin didn't complain one bit, but his security team said it was the final straw and essential for "safety" (Did his team plant that)?

(Ignore the tweet's caption, this person didn't know about the $925 packages, I'm embedding for the photo)
-Fans who bought the $925 package are basically screwed because they can't upgrade to the $2000 package to get a ... selfie with him or get a partial refund
-They will either be forced to pay $925 to take photos and videos OF Justin in a "VIP Lounge" or forfeit their tickets to a SOLD OUT show

-Today was the last day of Justin's group meet and greets and the VIP Lounge will start Friday
-Fans are upset that LA got the group meet and greets too because LA is the "fake fans" according to Justin and the ones who "caused this" with the fan who "snuck in"

-It turns out this fan with the restraining order didn't even get to Justin thanks to security, so what's the problem?

Source: Twitter 1, Twitter 2, Twitter 3, Twitter 4, Twitter 5

So, fans make him depressed, but ones who paid him double the amount don't?

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