Justin Bieber's $925 Meet and Greets No Longer Include a Photo With Him

-Justin Bieber made an instagram post about "fake fans in LA"
-It turned out that a fan in LA snuck into his group meet and greets
-Due to this "security scare," Justin Bieber changed ALL the $925 meet and greets from group photos to a "VIP Lounge"
-In this VIP Lounge, hundreds of people who paid to meet him, will now only get to take photos and videos OF him, not with him
-If you ask for a refund, you will not be able to keep your ticket to the concert
-The only way to get a photo with him now is to pay $2000 for a selfie
-Fans are freaking out about not being able to meet their idol now

Source: Twitter

ONTD, would you pay $925 to take videos and pictures of Justin Bieber? I still don't understand the people who originally paid $925 for a group pic tho. It sucks for them that Justin and his team won't let them meet him now.