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Talentless but Sweet Produce 101 Trainee clarifies favoritism issue after backlash & death threats

this is a follow up to this post
sohye as you may remember, is the girl who loves to pick up trash but has no singing/dancing experience
despite this she's a top ranked trainee on the show beating out many actually talented girls
sohye went on camera to clarify that she in fact not the daughter of the executive producer and this is not her personal documentary
despite her clarification, everyone still hates her poor sis :(
on the show, sohye and her group won the most recent challenge with an original song which is currently SLAYING the korean charts
someone also got rid of her ratty bangs and made her wash her hair!

watch sohye and her group GIRLS ON TOP perform her new song under the cut

sohye sings at 1:20 and 2:12

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Tags: cpop / jpop / kpop

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