Cousin Moki (xayeidemon) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Cousin Moki

❤O'Brosey Love Still Going Strong❤

After word of Dylan O'Brien's unfortunate on-set mishap while filming the latest Maze Runner film started circulating around the web, some of his Teen Wolf family tweeted their support and well wishes. Notably absent were tweets from Tyler Posey (and a lot of other people).

Instead of taking it as a sign that Tyler was respecting Dylan's privacy during a rough time, some fans started reaching for Alpha Centari when they took Tyler's Twitter silence as evidence that he might be a bad friend. At least one of them decided it would be a good idea to ask him about it because....??? Actually, I don't know why. But Posey dropped the sweetest common-sense bomb on Twitter yesterday:

Basically, O'Brosey's love is still rock hard. Solid. Rock solid. And Posey knows a phone call means more to his boy than a tweet. ❤

ONTD, do you think social interaction has become more performative and less organic/natural since the rise of social media and that we've all suffered for it? Have fans forgotten wtf personal boundaries are?

Source: Twitter
Tags: dylan o'brien, teen wolf (mtv), tyler posey

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