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ONTD Original: Popstar's best & worst eras

Let's talk about our fave's best & worst pop eras. I based this off of each popstar's albums, singles, looks, performances and so on. Each of your faves has either had an era that defined their career or hurt their career. So let's celebrate your faves achievements & flops.


Best: The B'Day Era

Bey served us everything we needed this era. The follow up to her debut solo album was nothing short of a smash. She brought the soul, she brought the vocals and she served us an anthology album with videos from each song on the album, when will your faves? The quaity of this album earned her numerous hits and garnered Beyoncé both Grammy nominations and a victory for Best Contemporary R&B Album. The album is full of bops and still sounds good to this day. The tour for the era, The Beyonce Experience, remains one of her most successful tours. Beyonce did 96 shows and the show earned $90 million.

Worst: The 4 Era

This was definitely Bey's try-hard era, if she didn't try so hard to fit in with pop at the time with her debut single "RTW (Girls)," she might have had better results. Something about this era felt like a sad extension of the "I am.." era & critics and fans were divided alike. The experimental, foreshadowing of alt-R&B touches is appreciated, though at the time, felt very un-Beyoncé like. Instead of touring the album, we got " 4 Intimant Nights with Beyonce" and no one really cared tbh.


Best: The 1989 era

This era Taylor proved that she can go fully pop and still slay. '1989' is arguably one of the best pop albums of 2014 and the album's presense is still on radio in 2016. Taylor made a shit ton of money this era through annoying ass promotion and PR stunts and has solitified herself as one of today's biggest pop stars. Taylor spent 2015 touring the album and the show earned a wopping $250 million. Getmoneybitch.gif

Worst: The Taylor Swift Era

This era plays a factor into why people hate her to this day. This is Swift's only true country album and takes us on a journey through her cringe-worthy high school diary. Everything about this era is forgettable unless you are a country fan tbh.


Best: The Loud Era

With this era, Rihanna symbolised the beginning of a new more positive era now that her demons had been laid to rest and her public persona secured. this remains Rihanna’s biggest ‘singles’ album, full of chart-topping hits that dominated radio for most of 2010 and 2011. Rihanna looked beautiful throughout this entire era and the music videos and visuals were solid. The Loud Tour was a large commercial success, experiencing demand for an extension of shows in the United Kingdom due to popularity. The tour ultimately grossed an estimated value of $90 million.

Worst: The Music of the Sun Era

Rihanna had a rocky debut tbh. Her ‘Music of the Sun’ album is definitely her weakest to date, lacking a general direction or cohesiveness that even her most disjointed albums possess. While not necessarily a ‘bad album’, nothing much about ‘Music of the Sun’ stands out as being original, inventive or anything other than cheap and disposable. She remained tacky and served Fordem St Bronx banshee throughout the entire era. She almost went unnoticed this era and didn't really pick up popularity until her following album.


Best: The Fame Monster Era

Ask most Gaga fans or critics what their favorite Gaga era is, and they'll probably tell you this one. This one the peak of Gaga's career and she had the world in the palm of her hand. This album followed a very successful debut album and is one of the most impressive and cohesive albums out of any of her contemporaries. The era produced Gaga's biggest tour to date and grossed $230 million from 203 shows. Gaga served LOOKS for days and videos and performances remain unparalleled.

Worst: The ARTPOP Era

ARTFLOP was the word heard around the world. Suddenly the koons was flopping. This is simply a result of too much ideas, too much pretention and too much delusion. The album sold 260k in it's first week which was automatically considered a flop for a popstar who just brought in 1million in her first week only 2 years before. The artRAVE tour was Gaga lowest performing tour to date and only grossed $83 million from a low 79 shows.


Best: The In The Zone Era

This is Britney at the height of her career. This is the last era before her infamous meltdown (which produced her best album - Blackout). At this point, she was just enjoying her status as Queen of Pop, by upstaging Xtina at the VMAs, working with the former queen of pop and making some of her more quintessential hits. This is where Brit really took control and she had firmly cemented her place in Hollywood as that bitch.

Worst: The Britney Jean Era

It was at this point when many of us were lef asking Brit why she was even trying anymore. Brit's most personal album ended up being her sleepiest and most lazy attempt at music yet. The album only sold 107k in it's frst week but Britney was lucky enough to salvage her career by settling down in Vegas and proving that she still has a little something left in her.

sound off yall

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