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!'~ Teen Mom Roid Rage Post ~'! Nathan's custody papers revealed and Adam's bitch fit on instagram

Nathan's filing for full custody

Claims in newly released papers that:
-Jenelle is an unfit mother
-Prevents him from seeing or speaking to Kaiser and has her new boyfriend (David Eason) supervise the visits
-That Eason left his 7 mo. pregnant girlfriend by the side of the road for 15 minutes before returning, another occasion strangled and pushed her to the ground (resulting in a 2 day hospital stay), mixed hard drugs/almost overdosed
-That Jenelle phones from a blocked number to "instigate conflict"
-Using Kaiser as leverage to have Nathan's girlfriend drop the mason jar charges
-Neither are employed

More at the source

Adam Lind Goes on Instagram rant, Randylicious defends Chelsea

Raged out on Instagram claiming:
-Chelsea's asking for $945/month in child support for Aubree
-Probably needs it for her pig, 6 dogs, new jeep and house
-That she's only asking for TM2 ratings for Season 8
-Thinks Chelsea has access to Aubree's TM2 trust fund/he does not
-That Chelsea earns $250,000 for Season 7 (which increases to $300,000 for Season 8)
-Randy responded on Twitter that Adam has only ever paid $170 per month for Aubree

More/Screenshots at the source

BONUS:From Adam's Twitter

Thanks for the patience, mods!

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