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PJ Harvey ruffles some feathers with "The Community Of Hope"

PJ Harvey shared "The Community Of Hope" off her new album The Hope VI Demolition Project named after a controversial plan to revitalize the worst public housing projects in the US into mixed-income developments. The single was written while Polly was given a tour of DC's poor and working-class neighborhoods by a local reporter who didn't know who she was, and whose words inspired some of the song's lyrics.

The song has attracted criticism from D.C. politicians. “I will not dignify this inane composition with a response”, said former mayor Vince Gray. A campaign treasurer for Gray said, "PJ Harvey is to music what Piers Morgan is to cable news." The leaders of Community of Hope, a District nonprofit responded with a letter saying they have “been tackling some of the challenges you named in your song”, but added that she is reducing people's dignities because her “picture is incomplete.”

Kudos to PJ for igniting this debate on gentrification and shining light on the issues politicians don't want you to see (especially with Washington Council elections coming up). Ward 7 and some of the SE DC areas she highlights are still riddled with poverty, lack of proper education and health care, lack of restaurants and grocery stores, unemployment and heavy drug use. Polly previously released The Wheel which was born out of her trips to Kosovo between 2011 and 2015. The new album is due out April 15th and it will be interesting to see what other discussions it sparks.

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