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Who died in the HTGAWM finale? Who was betrayed? SPOILERS...DUH!

[How did it end?]Caleb wasn't missing, he went into hiding and tried to rat out Annalise to the cops.

Caleb and his sister Catherine WERE fucking. Caleb DID kill his racist aunt. Phillip exposed him using some kind of FitBit shit to track his whereabouts that night. Then Caleb tried to frame Catherine with the gun.

Caleb killed himself after news got out (lol he probs didn't).

Frank betrayed Annalise back in the day. He bugged her hotel room for money and was the reason she got hit by a car & lost her baby.

Frank told Sam, Sam told him not to tell Anna. So that's why Frank killed Lila for Sam, because he owed him.

Frank leaves town, (presumably) kills Wes' white rapist daddy while Wes was confronting him.


Canadians no longer allowed in HTGAWM live viewing posts tbh
Tags: how to get away with murder (abc)

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