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ONTD Original: Oscar Winners of the 21st Century Whose Careers Died After Winning

Note: If I had included people before this century, this list would have gone on forever, including Roberto Benigni, Nicolas Cage, Helen Hunt, Mira Sorvino, Linda Hunt, Marlee Matlin, Cuba Gooding Jr. and many others.

Halle Berry
Year: 2002
Won: Best Actress for Monster's Ball
After her historic win as the first (and so far only) African-American woman to win Best Actress in a Leading Role, Halle's career has been less than great since then. Not long after, Halle starred in the box office bomb, Catwoman, for which she won a Razzie and accepted in public. Currently, she is on the CBS series Extant (does anybody watch that?), as a way of paying for her divorce bills.

Jennifer Connelly
Year: 2002
Won: Best Supporting Actress for A Beautiful Mind
Since winning for her less than memorable performance in A Beautiful Mind, she has starred in even less memorable films. That has been her only nomination to date, and her filmography has been less than impressive since her win.

Adrien Brody
Year: 2003
Won: Best Actor for The Pianist
Since becoming the youngest winner of Best Actor to date (and kissing Halle Berry on stage), people expected his career to take off. He has yet to snag another nom, and has not really starred in many memorable films since winning.

Renee Zellweger
Year: 2004
Won: Best Supporting Actress for Cold Mountain
After two previous nominations, the Academy gave her a win with her less than stellar performance in Cold Mountain. After that, she starred in some crappy forgettable romantic comedies and the four-year on-the-shelf Case 39, she took a five year hiatus. After some botched plastic surgery, Zellweger is now ready for a comeback with her third Bridget Jones movie. Maybe her career will resurrect itself?

Jennifer Hudson
Year: 2007
Won: Best Supporing Actress for Dreamgirls
There is no doubt than JHud can sing. But did she really deserve an Oscar for her performance in Dreamgirls? Since then, her acting career has consisted of a supporting roles in the Sex and the City movie and the Three Stooges movie.

Penelope Cruz
Year: 2009
Won: Best Supporting Actress for Vicky Cristina Barcelona
After winning, Cruz has had supporting roles in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Zoolander 2. Enough said.

Jean Dujardin
Year: 2012
Won: Best Actor for The Artist
After winning for a silent film, Jean's career has also been quite...silent. He had a small role in The Wolf Of Wall Street, but nothing has been nearly as memorable as his Oscar-winning role (which isn't saying much, as that movie is largely forgotten).

Dishonourable mentions include: Melissa Leo, Hilary Swank, Rachel Weisz, Mo'Nique

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