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Shonda Rhimes spills secrets on the making of the cult classic "Crossroads"

- Shonda Rhimes & producers sat down recently for an interview about the making of Crossroads
- Anson Mount was hesitant but took the role on Robert Deniro's advice as he was a big Britney fan
- the film had a small 10 mil budget but grossed 60 mil
- Spears' contract technically called for trailers & trainers. Britney's only demands? Tuna Lunchables and edamame.
- Justin Timberlake was a constant fixture on set. They had a very supportive & lovely relationship according to a producer. Britney used to scribble Justin's name and curlicues on a notebook prop used in the film.
- Producer was unsure about casting Spears but changed her mind after meeting & watching her take command.
- She went on to describe Britney as a polite southern woman with manners but also as really funny with a take charge attitude
- Rhimes wanted to make sure Spears' character was 3 dimensional because of how the misogynistic media was portraying her & the gp thought of her at the time
- The idea of a sequel has been kicked around but all of the stars involved are busy & different stages of their lives

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What's your favorite teen flick, ontd?

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