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Miranda Roux

A Mr. Robot SXSW Masterpost

The panel itself (46:02 minutes long)

Highlights include:

  • Sam Esmail created the series to depict nerd culture right, Mr. Robot began with Elliot's character, the plot came as secondary.

  • Rami talks about Elliot re: his loneliness, insecurities

  • Esmail talks about his own experience as Egyptian-American, how people expected him to make films in film school about his experience as an Arab-American, and how it defined him

  • Loves writing female characters, which is why he included them in the show as hackers, thinks there needs to be more women in tech

  • Esmail doesn't allow green-screens or the actors miming when it comes to the coding/tech itself. Every code on the show is accurate, irl old man Rami had to learn how to type to an appropriate speed for this, comes in early to look at animation and graphics with tech consultants.

  • The Arab Springs inspired the show

  • They have FBI consultants on the show for season 2

Season 2:

  • Season 2 is focusing on privacy and encryption (re: FBI v. Apple but not directly related)

  • the consequences of and for Elliot over his actions in season 1


in which Christian Slater (46) is more tech savvy than Rami Malek (34).

Rami and his stylist, Illaria Urbinati, being cute for THR.

mods; I uploaded the video myself because the source wasn't working, still linked THR.

petition for a Mr. Robot tag + a Rami Malek tag, tbh.
ONTD, are you excited for season 2? and on a scale of 0 to Rami Malek, how technologically inept are you?

source: vulture tweet, christian slater's twitter, rami malek's twitter, sxsw panel, mashable, THR 1 & 2
Tags: actor / actress, sxsw, television - usa network

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