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A Gael García Bernal post!

Gael and Gregory Nava are now part of the Academy

-Gael is appointed to the award and events committee
-Also added are Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Reginald Hudlin

Gael and Robert Sneider talk about new film, “Me Estas Matando, Susana”

-“Me Estas Matando, Susana” is about a Mexican actor, García Bernal, who goes to a writing seminar in the US to win back the love of his life who is a feminist novelist
-"...clear definition of what it is to be Mexican, we encounter ourselves in a never ending allegory of mixes and chaos... It’s an ambivalence that is quite extreme: We can laugh out loud of our misfortunes and failures yet at the same time we are incredibly proud of the acceptance of this and how this makes us a much more mixed, chaotic, free definition of a sophisticated culture."
-Gael says there was a lot of improv for his character
-Released in Mexico on May 5.

source 1 | source 2
Tags: award show - academy awards, diego luna / gael garcia bernal, latino celebrities

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