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'Happy Valley' star talks about her struggle with mental illness + reviews for Season 2

Star of BBC drama 'Happy Valley' and all round amazing actress Sarah Lancashire has opened up about suffering depression since she was 17, calling her twenties a 'write-off'. She said that due to her illness she couldn't make auditions but was good at hiding it. She struggled during her time on prime-time soap 'Coronation Street' and contemplated taking her own life but she got better through therapy and medication.

"It’s a cruel illness because you can’t see it and you can hide it so well. At least, I can. I’m a genius at hiding it. I think a lot of people are. Actors are bloody marvellous at hiding."

New York Times: "the second season of “Happy Valley” is less intense but more polished than the first, and still a superior example of the crime drama that focuses more on the people than on the crime."

Forbes: "One of those rare series that raises the bar for the whole of British TV drama... if ever there was a must-see import on Netflix, this is it"

The Pool (idk ha but nice review): “Two middle-aged actresses holding the screen, speaking dialogue written by a woman, with the underlying message that female solidarity is stronger than male exploitation. How often do we see that on mainstream television? Hardly ever.”

'Happy Valley' will return (woo!) But not for a while (boo!)
Creator Sally Wainwright, who has written every episode and directed some of Season 2, has said that there will be a third series but she is busy with other projects and wants to take time to think up ideas that will mean it is a good one.

Paraphased from source 1
Review 1, review 2, review 3, review 4
Paraphased from Season 3 source

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Thoughts on the finale? Hopes for third season?
The 2nd season is now available on US Netflix (sorry idk about other territories)
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