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Normani Kordei of Fifth Harmony for Bombshell Mag: "The industry lacks [phenomenal entertainers]"

Bombshell engaged Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei to discuss her swift rise to stardom, potential solo career and the group’s future success! In an intimate interview, the 19 years old singer candidly dishes on boys, her biggest influences Michael Jackson, Adele & Beyoncé and stage fright.

Do personalities crash in the group?
I can definitely say that we've experienced the best and worst times together. We have been through more than you can began to imagine in the last three years. This journey in our lives helped shape us to expand within our artistry. Any relationship has it's strengths and weakness. I can honestly say that this pertains to us as well but we always find a way to get past whatever issue that may arise. Ultimately, we have the same goal.

The biggest influencers in your career?
I appreciate Michael Jackson and his love for the art. He paved the way for so many people that are now artist. The connection that his heart made with his music was always clear. His mind worked in a special way and he always fed those around him with knowledge. I adore Adele so much. I listen to her albums and notice that I can’t find a single song that I don’t connect with. There is a definite difference between being a singer and an artist. She is the definition of an artist. She carries herself with such humility and grace. I’m sure these next two are oh so predictable of me. Beyoncé is a replica of whom I’d like to become (the Normani Kordei version of course). She wears so many hats which entails her to be the artist, the businesswoman, the mom, the wife, the humanitarian and much more. I love how involved she is when any move is made. She knows what she wants her performance to look like and how to execute it. I think that she is beyond admirable. There’s only one Beyonce but I hope one day to be everything that she is and more. Chris Brown is one of the most talented human beings I have come across in my lifetime. He gives his all with everything that he does. Not only is he an incredible vocalist but a phenomenal entertainer which most in the industry lack. I’m just being honest. I don’t want to go to a show and just hear a voice come from your body I want A SHOW. That doesn’t necessarily mean dancing but show me some sort of passion and mesmerize me. I think that he’s a visionary. These are just a few.

Do you ever get stage fright?
I get butterflies before I perform but when I hit the stage it’s something special. I become someone else and I know that the stage is home. I feel untouchable and everything feels right. I’m so into my performance that when I get off of stage sometimes I can’t remember any part of it. I’m myself when I’m on stage.

Are the boys in the industry blowing you up?
I have friends. That’s it.

Will Normani go Solo?
Wow! The question of literally all of 2015. Before the girls and I were put together we all had the intentions of being solo artist. Our destiny had something different in mind for now at least. Going into this I was fully committed to the girls and I still am. Someday we all aspire to venture out and grow individually with our artistry. It’s impossible for five people to have the exact same ambitions all around. So to give you a more direct answer to your question and inquiring minds, the answer is yes one day but Fifth Harmony has tons of work to do until then.

Normani can now add co-choreographer in her resume! Sean Bankhead (Fifth Harmony lead choreographer) posted this video of the girls rehearsing for the after Oscar event on instagram a few days ago.

AYYYE! @normanikordei & @anthonymarquis_ made this part up! GHETTO ASSES! 🙈 #SoundCheck #WorkFromHome #GetItOnItunes

YAS! Queen of low budget magazines! Serving us 90's r&b album covers!

sources: bombshell (for the rest of the interview) x seanb
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