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Someone Made a Movie about Erotic Fanfic Writers

SLASH is a coming-of-age comedy that follows introverted high school freshman Neil, an avid writer of slash fiction. Everything changes when he meets an older student named Julia, who pushes him to publish his own fan fic online. When the website’s moderator takes a special interest in Neil’s work, it opens up a whole new universe.

Neil writes slash fanfic for the fictional sci-fi franchise "Vanguard". He writes in notebooks and then becomes a laughing stock/case of parental concern when people discover tha badly written sex scenes he's writing.

From the kickstarter: "At its heart, this is the story of a young man struggling to understand his place in the world, both socially and sexually, and both the stories he writes and the community he finds through sharing his work are an important part of his journey.  It's a film that will connect with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider, or struggled to figure out where they fit in."

From the writer/director: "Initially, I didn’t fully understand what compelled fans to write “dirty” stories based on mainstream characters. But then I kept reading. And I began to read correspondences between authors in this surprisingly tight knit group. And it all started to click.

Sometimes in the most apparently debase or taboo lands, you find an understanding of human nature that's lacking in the sanitized mainstream. It’s something grossly misunderstood, a subject full of humor and pathos, and ultimately one that taps into a universal desire to be a part of something. That’s something I want to introduce evenhandedly to the world."

It premiered at SXSW and got a decent review from Variety. Features Michael Ian Black, Missi Pyle, Corey from Teen Wolf, Luschek from OitNB, and Hannah Marks of Awkward/Unnecessary Roughness/Weeds

what was your first slash fic?
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