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Your Arrow/Flash(only on Tuesday nights)/Legends OP aka ME met her faves @ Heroes & Villains Fanfest

...this weekend in Chicago. Click through and enjoy as I take you on this journey of me meeting my faves and some of yours! (+ some spoilers (ish) about the shows)

Day 1:
The Women of Arrow panel

these two dominated the panel, mostly willa which i was totally happy about because she is so weird but endearing. people just kept asking her questions about thea/speedy and caity got the second most

image source

-charlotte ross said we all have a little donna in us. (i dedicate this sentence to nomorefrostbite <3 lmao) - she's very soft-spoken irl i could barely hear her or maybe she was just shy because it was her first con idk
-katie said she knew from the first ep/readthrough charlotte was at that she would be joining the show for more than just a few episodes
-WILLA was on set on thursday aka thea's not in the grave
-"people have made it clear that's [nyssara] what they want...and our bosses are pretty good at giving people what they want" - caity lotz
-willa's fav ep is the one where thea and oliver are ~on the island~ & her hardest episode to shoot was moira's death
-katrina law said katie cassidy can't pronounce nanda parbat - kept calling it amanda parabot or s/t
-willa and caity really really want an earth-2 birds of prey storyline, they were so ecstatic talking to each other about it onstage lol
-someone asked katie about lauriver and she did her trademark "maaaybe" voice thing and some people booed which was yiiiiiikes then katrina interrupted and asked if oliver and nyssa were still married to which caity replied that nyssa's heart belonged to sara
-katie missed her sister's bridal shower to be there (i would disown her if she was my sister lol but whatev)
-katie told a story about how john barrowman left pictures of his ass on her fridge (im guessing her trailer) and said she might post some of them after - and then she interrupted herself because she almost gave something away hmmmmmm
-caity also told a story about john b and how at the first hvff in san jose she was shooting him w/ a nerf gun and got him in the face and he was OTT and claimed she hurt his eye and went back behind the curtain. she was nearly in tears and then he ran out and laughed at her.
-there's a lot more but i don't remember it all like katie belly-flopped on asphalt by accident during a stunt

The Green Arrow Panel
w/ my problematic canadian fav stephen amell

image source

-there was a super cute moment a little after the start of the panel where he invited a little girl dressed as felicity on stage and SHE CALLED HIM OUT LMAO. he asked why she walked away from him when she regained use of her legs and this little child answered BECAUSE YOU LIED ABOUT YOUR KID and she said she was really upset and then walked off stage. it was gr8
-stephen said he's going to mention to the writers about possibly bringing up again that oliver saw felicity in star city @ QC before he knew her
-he wishes they could bring john diggle jr./connor hawke from the future and have him in present day for a storyline
-wants an event like the flash's earth-2 episodes for arrow - but not necessarily arrow on a different earth
-a 3-episode crossover is likely
-he got asked about the dc tv v films and he said he's happy just doing good tv and that they could ~build their own justice league~
-was also asked about lauriver & again some people booed and he said that there's elements in which they respect comic canon but that they have their own show to make
-we'll see a more "final" version of oliver by the end of the season and going into next
-a lot of ninja turtles & wrestling shit that idgaf about

Then your OP went on to meet one of her faves


-she is very tiny and adorable in person. i walked up to her and just blurted out "I'M SO HAPPY SARA'S BACK" without thinking. she laughed, thanked me and said she's been hearing that a lot at the cons
-i told her i loved LoT and sara w/ basically everyone she came into contact with because she's so awesome and she told me she thinks len and sara are very cute

then i met Echo Kellum!

i told him how much i was enjoying curtis so far/he's one of my fav parts of season 4 and how i really wanted to see him join the team soon. he seemed so genuinely touched and thanked me for my ~kind words~. he's so tall in person when i went to take our selfie he just took my phone and was like "i got this" because i'm pretty short lmao

and COLIN DONNELL #justicefortommymerlyn #killmalcolmbringbacktommy etc.
(actually i met him first before the women of arrow panel but it didn't seem like a good intro putting him first lol)

i h8 this picture of us/me but whatever

-i loved his shirt sfm and someone else said that he said that it's for luck so that he can come back as another earth tommy, he really wants to.
-he told some other fan that if/when olicity have kids their first son must be named after him

The Flash panel The Carlos Valdes Show

image source

-carlos really took the panel. and his line for photo/autographs was the busiest of everyone except for stephen amell.
-people just kept asking carlos questions. danielle joked that herself, teddy, and robbie were just his opening act. robbie pretended to leave at one point.
-robbie loves that people call him the kenny of the arrowverse
-danielle loved playing killer frost, said she was like a little kid in her costume on set; carlos also love being reverb
-they let carlos take a lot of freedom w/ the script
-he loves playing cisco opposite of e-2 harry more than harrison s1
-carlos didn't know how immportant cisco/vibe was in dc as he was auditioning until he was locked in and andrew k gave him some older vibe comics
-teddy said he was told when he signed on that MAYBE a version of jay would be Zoom but then no one mentioned it to him again until read the script when jay takes caitlin to the park to see "hunter zolomon" and that's when he knew they'd stuck w/ their plan. said it made him kind of sad (aw) because he got attached to jay
-robbie joked that he was the man in the mask locked up in zoom's lair. carlos/danielle know who it is - teddy does not
-Tom basically does whatever he wants, he cocks Harry's special gun when they film when the gun doesn't even have a thing that could do that - editing had to add a sound just for him
-grant and tom are the biggest pranksters together, it's non-stop
-carlos said he'd love if dc's rebirth would start to filter in more of the tv shows' iterations of them
-someone asked about e-1 caitlin going evil/killer frost and she said there's some specific lines of dialogue coming up that definitely hint at that possibility

-I spoke to Charlotte Ross and asked her about Beacon of Hope and all she told me Donna doesn't like BEES (expect ~hijinks~ probably (my words, not hers))
-Also spoke to Willa Holland (she's weird but qt), Ciara Renee (she's so sweet i feel bad kendra/hawkgirl is so boring now lol), Neal McDonough (what a charmer).
-Thirsted so hard for Paul Blackthorne irl
-Talked to Katrina Law and he real accent threw me so hard in person lol but i asked her about what caity had said @ the panel about nyssara / nyssa coming back this season and, coyly, she said "maybe" (but like we've seen the set pics soooo)


-he is very nice & yes, he smelled good~
-he and stephen were promoing some new thing they're doing together called code-8
-he'll come back to the arrowverse any time he's asked if he's available

DAY 2:

As I said above, Carlos Valdes had a CRAZY BUSY LINE all day Saturday (& Sunday) but when I arrived Sunday it wasn't super full yet so I ran to get in line before it did. AND W/ THAT I GIVE YOU


-i was so giddy omw i told him how much i adored cisco and how much it meant to me and happy it made me to see a latino represented as so intelligent and adorably dorky on tv
-he asked what my background was and i told him and then HUGGED ME and said when people tell him stuff like that it really means a lot to him

then i jumped into david ramsey's line

-at the time i thought he was going to be the last person i met that day because i was out of cash and i told him that and that we had to "make them good" and he delivered
-he's so great, he's the only person (that i saw/talked to myself) that asked each person who took pictures w/ him to see them first to make sure they liked them/weren't blurry before they walked away
-i can attest that his arms are amazing irl as they look on tv
-the group of people before me were explaining what a "stan" was to him and i wanted the earth to open and take me

Legends of Tomorrow panel

image source

-caity and ciara went on about birds of prey too. told fans to @ the producers/writers
-a lot of people asked arthur about dr. who
-ciara talked about the ways carter can (& basically will) come back on screen
-caity didn't know alex kingston was also on dr. who and had been arthur's tv daughter and she started calling him grandpa
-they're all really excited for the upcoming western ep
-ciara joked about how many times she's had to say "i was a barista!"
-caity was sad about mick and len & she loved the 50s episode because of what they covered on racism/sexism/homophobia
-they didn't even mention ray/jackson/martin oop lol

Men of Arrow panel

image source

-colin said on earth-2 he'd be fore felicity/tommy to be together
-paul revealed he has a quentin lance playlist/collection
-neal said darhk will get worse
-neal can't wait for oliver to kill darhk and called stephen a modern day "steve mcqueen" (lmaoooo have fun w/ that one)
-stephen was asked to pick a power for felicity and he said mind control
-diggle will help oliver and felicity get back together
-david kicked stephen in the face once

and finally......

i cheesed so hard but idgaf


sources: me & the hvff twitter
Tags: arrow (cw), canadian celebrities, celebrity encounter, comic-con, latino celebrities, television - cw, the flash (cw)

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