Talk Dirty to Me (dangerbuffalo) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Talk Dirty to Me

Will Forte rocks a new look and it is... something

Will Forte recently debuted his new hair style and it is... something else.


In addition to discussing his new hairstyle, the Last Man on Earth funnyman also chats about the latest season of Last Man on Earth and his deepest fears.

-On His New Style "The hair and makeup department said, “Don’t do the eyebrow. Keep the eyebrow.” But I sent a picture to my family and my dad said, “You gotta do the eyebrow!” And I was like … dad’s right! Dad’s friggin’ right!"
-On Last Man on Earth: "I will say that these first two episodes... ...they’re just wonderful building blocks and stepping stones to things I am super excited about. I cannot wait for people to see the stuff that is coming up throughout this second part of the season."
-On Fear "Man, I tell ya, I get pretty terrified of earthquakes. I think about it all the time."

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