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Weekly People vs OJ Simpson Fact Check

-Clark and Darden did indeed escape to the Bay Area together for a weekend though it was just to get away rather than for a birthday. According to Darden's memoir, he wished her a goodnight at her hotel and that was that. No kissing. No bases of any kind.

-Cochran's ex-wife didn't come forward on some daytime talk show. Rather most of the press concerning the abuse of his first wife was covered by a LA Times profile and then a book that she wrote titled Life After Johnnie Cochran, Why I Left The Sweetest-Talking, Most Successful Black Lawyer in L.A.

-The idea to have Simpson wear the gloves didn't come from Shapiro sneakily trying them on in the courtroom but from the defense's previous access to the evidence. Bailey credits himself with the idea while Phil Vannatter has also been credited with it. But Bailey was the one to goad Darden into the idea.

-Kardashian and AC did search Simpson's garment bag thoroughly, and Shapiro had suggested that Kardashian should go down with Simpsons if they went the plea bargain path again.

-There's no record of Dershowitz faxing things to the Dream Team in the middle of the trial. And only Columbian "Necklaces" were brought up rather than "Neckties"

I almost couldn't watch that glove scene
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